In Your Boat With You

This week, as I was thinking about how difficult it is for all of us to face and navigate not only the typical challenges of life but also the exceptional challenges of this year, I was reminded of a story found in the Gospel of Mark (Mark 4:35-41). Thinking about that story is helping me by providing a simple visual reminder of some very powerful ideas.

In the story, Jesus and some guys are traveling at night in a boat. And, after Jesus falls asleep, they encounter a great windstorm. It was dark. The wind was whipping. Everything was unstable. The waves were crashing. Water was filling the boat. Fear and insecurity and nausea and pain and exhaustion were all spiking. They felt alone, inadequate, certain to fail, and like nobody (including Jesus) cared.

Fears and feelings we all experience.

Like the people in the story, I know all those elements can cloud our eyes and hearts until we miss or forget or just won’t believe that: Jesus is in our boat with us, He does care for us, and His peace is more powerful than everything we fear and feel.

I have no idea what it is to be you, to carry your unique burdens, to try to heal your unique hurts, or to make sense of your unique experiences. But, I want you to know that I am praying for you (and everyone who reads this) and hoping that as you face all the storms that are threatening you in this moment and in the days ahead you would be able to trust that God is in your boat with you, that God cares for you beyond what you could imagine, and that it is possible for you to experience God’s peace even if your storm doesn’t disappear. 

You are not alone!